Make your Message Dynamic. Make it Dyce Communications.

DYCE COMMUNICATIONS is a national strategic communications, public affairs, media, and Republican political consulting firm focused on producing television, radio, and digital advertising. We offer consulting services for elected
officials, candidates, independent expenditure campaigns, non-profit, trade association, and corporate clients and campaigns.  Our objective is simple – deliver premium services, always make sure your message, communications and
advertising are not only seen and heard, but most importantly influence voters and win elections.


ALFREDO is Founder and President of DYCE COMMUNICATIONS. With more than two decades of experience as a communications and media consultant, strategist, and senior advisor to campaigns at all levels of politics, government, and public affairs, Alfredo possesses the talent and practice of building winning campaigns with persuasive messaging and dynamic television, radio, and digital advertising.

Alfredo has written and produced more than 350 television, radio, and digital ads for campaigns across the country. He has served as the lead strategist, media and communications consultant for dozens of successful campaigns. As a veteran political operative, Alfredo brings a proven ability to create dynamic, unique, and compelling messages, provide strategic communications, deliver “war room” rapid-response, and executing paid and earned media campaigns.

Alfredo is a regular contributor for national and local broadcast, cable, radio, and print media, including Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Newsmax TV, RT America, Spectrum News, WUNC Radio, The Associated Press, and local news publications.

In 2006, Alfredo helped lead Texas Governor Rick Perry’s successful reelection campaign. He later joined Governor Perry at the State Capitol and served as a trusted senior member of his staff leading the Office of Community Affairs.

As a Regional Political Director for the National Republican Congressional Committee during the 2004 election cycle, Alfredo advised campaigns across the Midwest, Southwest, and Plains states, and helped congressional Republicans
increase their majority in Congress.

During the 2000 presidential election, Alfredo served on the campaign of Vice President Dan Quayle where he helped lead field operations in the First-In-The-Nation primary state of New Hampshire.

As a seasoned political operative, Alfredo is equipped to create campaigns from scratch, develop any apparatus of campaigns that aren’t already assembled, and improve structures of campaigns that need to generate greater output and results. Most importantly, ALFREDO and DYCE COMMUNICATIONS are experienced and prepared to help campaigns win.

Alfredo grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas. He graduated from The George Washington University. Today, Alfredo lives in Charlotte, North Carolina where he attends Elevation Church.

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